This here is It is a site on the web. A website. Where I write stuff. Some of it may be interesting, some of it might not be. Perhaps none of it is interesting. That’s for you to decide, dear reader.

This intersite thingamajiggy is powered by WordPress using a custom made theme by myself. Originally, it launched with a pre-made one, since it’d been a couple of years since I did any real coding, and wanted to get a blog up and running first and get actual content written before worrying too much about aesthetics.

Hereafter follows a bunch of technobabble that is unlikely to be of much interest to the casual reader. If that is you, just click the home button to get back to the vidya games and shit.

The domain was originally registered through GoDaddy, but after they turned out to be baby-raping Nazis supporters of SOPA or some shit, I transferred (and every other domain I had with GoDaddy) over to Namecheap, where it currently resides peacefully. is somewhat the result of an in-joke of sorts from my clique of losers Internet-friends. Sharp-eyed readers will note that “jeo” is pretty similar to “Joe”, both in terms of spelling and phonetically. “Jeo” is a somewhat derpy way of saying Joe. is also short. I have a bit of a thing for short domains.

My actual hosting is through Media Temple, specifically their (gs) or “Grid-Service” package. I’ve had no problems and they have a nice control panel. I recommend them based on my experience thus far, though someone looking to just host a simple blog or something should find an easier, cheaper shared-hosting package somewhere else. In regards to decent shared hosting recommendations, I was with Surpass for a number of years with zero problems, and I’ve heard good things about HostGator.

Prior to Media Temple, I did my hosting through a VPS from Linode. PROTIP: Unless you have sysadmin experience, VPSs probably shouldn’t be used to host simple websites. I originally bought it to host a TF2 server for my aforementioned internet-loser-buddies, and decided I might as well kill two birds with one stone and use it to host my sites as well. That idea didn’t look so good after I accidentally hosed my entire server when fucking around with permission settings. That’s when I decided a more… simpler hosting solution was in order. I chalked it up as a life-lesson and went on my merry way.

Finally, for those interested, here is an automagically generated list of all the plugins currently active on my WordPress installation:

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