You know, I could just make this entire page a link to Reddit and call it a day, and it wouldn’t be completely inaccurate. But that would be lazy, so lets not do that.

Links to the major social networks you can find me on are in the sidebar, so I see no reason to link to them again in this page. What follows is a list of sites I visit frequently and sites owned by friends of mine, in no particular order:

  • Reddit, where I spend the vast majority of my time online. I spend of most time in the /r/Games and /r/SF4 subreddits.
  • Giant Bomb, the only video game website you will ever need. My profile is here, if you’re interested.
  • NeoGAF, pretty much THE message board when it comes to gaming. I don’t post much, but my profile is here.
  • I’m Productive Once a Day, a blog written by Ed, one of my aforementioned Internet-friends.
  • Stuart Brown (AKA Xbox Ahoy), another RDDT Internet-friend, known for being Internet-famous and a massive sellout.
  • Ryan Morisson, another friend. Big into programming. Also Canadian.

And that about does it. I don’t really read anyone else’s blog, unless I happen to know them. This may change with me getting back into maintaining a blog, so perhaps this list might be updated in the future, who knows.


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