So hey there, if you’ve been here before, you’ll probably notice that everything looks a little different. I initially launched this blog using a pre-made WordPress theme. It’d been a number of years since I’d done any real coding of any kind, so I would’ve rather launched the blog and get some content out first, before worrying about making a theme a little more personal. Content is the most important thing about a blog, after all.

I started working on it weeks ago, but finally got my finger out and made it into a proper WordPress theme over the past couple nights. I’m reasonably happy with how it turned out. Doesn’t have some of the more fancy WordPress features, like widgets, but I don’t really need them for what I’m trying to do here. I’m also thinking of maybe adding an alternate, darker, colour scheme. My heavy usage of Giant Bomb has led to me to becoming accustomed to white-on-black, as opposed to the more traditional black-on-white. The former is better late at night as well, which is when I seem to spend the majority of my time reading online. Shouldn’t be too hard to implement, with the exception of the subtle background pattern, there’s no images to change, it’s all CSS. An old blog I had a few years back had a style switcher as well, so I might even be able to just copypaste over some code.

If you find anything wrong, leave a comment on this post, shoot me an email, or hit me up on Twitter. I don’t want to have to do too many short update posts on here, so normal service will be resumed shortly.

In other news, myself and three of my online-e-buddies made a podcast on Friday. We originally made one about a year or so ago that ran for about eight episodes, before it kind of fell by the wayside. We finally got our acts together and did something about it. So, check out the GAEMZCAST, hopefully every Friday/Saturday-ish. We haven’t gotten a proper schedule sorted out yet. The idea was that the podcast would accompany GAEMZNET, a website myself and my e-mates were planning a while back. Articles, reviews, video content, that sort of thing. Obviously, that hasn’t worked out yet, and isn’t likely to anytime soon, so for now at least, the GAEMZCAST is it’s own thing.

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